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Start your Lash and or Lip-gloss business today.


 " My acne started clearing up within the first week , i'm happy with the progress so far."


" I ordered 40 lashes and got them 6 days before i expected." 


" I got a white set and it fit perfectly, I love the material."


" I love how light the dry restoration oil is when i apply it."


" The bath salt is my favorite product combined with the body scrub it left my skin feeling really smooth."


About my brand

Ever since I was a kid I've struggled with reoccurring eczema breakouts. Approximately 3 years ago I had the biggest and worst breakout of my life, and it lasted for 2 years! It was so uncomfortable and embarrassing. Nothing I did helped, and nothing the doctors prescribed me worked either; in fact the breakout just got worse. I was exhausted from trying numerous remedies with little results. I started doing countless hours of research on organic products and foods. This led me to doing research on acne and other skin issues. I inspire to help anyone who was struggling as much as I was, and anyone allowing these diseases to dictate their lives. I wanted to build more than a business but a safe community, and a place you can come to focus on yourself. Self love is the most important part of living a healthy life, and I strive to make sure you are able to reach your skincare goals. Not only will my skincare products work great for your eczema and/or dry-skin but the jewelry, candles and beauty section will have you feeling great too!